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Customised meal plans

A balanced raw diet doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.

A selection of customised meal plans enabling you to transition your pet to a nutritionally balanced raw diet with confidence.

All plans are based on fresh, easily sourced foods and come with 2-weeks email support.

Dog eating

Hybrid Starter

A mixed diet, adding up to 20% raw foods to your regular, but reduced, processed foods, a great option for those not ready to switch to 100% raw diet.

dog running with toy

Nutrition review

​Already feeding your pet some fresh food?

A review of your pet's current diet with recommendations tailored to their current age, health and lifestyle.

Recommendations can be tailored toward hybrid (mixed feeding) or full raw diet, depending on your preference.

Challenging puppy

Challenging Critters

Picky eater? Allergies? Transitioning to raw doesn't have to be fast or difficult.


​​Puppies & Kittens

​Meeting the daily nutritional needs of youngsters is crucial for their healthy development.

Cat eating chicken neck

Raw Transition

​Guiding healthy adults through the transition to a raw, balanced diet.

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