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Pet Nutrition

You can easily enhance your pet's diet by feeding them raw, species-specific food that is both affordable and convenient. We offer consultations that can take place at our clinic, in your home (if you are within our service area), or online (if you are located farther away).

Hybrid diets

Raw with Confidence

Challenging critters

For those who are not yet prepared to switch to a completely raw diet, incorporating up to 20% raw foods into their regular but limited processed food intake can be a great option.​Consultations are optional since plans can be formulated through a few straightforward questions.

Whether you are currently feeding your pet a processed diet or already feeding raw food, our raw nutrition plan will provide you with a balanced nutrition plan that gives you the knowledge and confidence to feed the best diet for your furry friend.

The Challenging Critters Plan is a holistic approach to help pets with preexisting health challenges or concerns achieve optimal health. We use the best therapeutic foods and medicinal herbs to optimize your pet's well-being.

Explore our Natural Treats Range

Our treats are air-dried and contain no additives or preservatives, making them a healthy and nutritious option.

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