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Canine Massage Therapy

Massage, being the oldest form of medicine, has a positive impact on all of the body's systems, promoting healing, performance, and fitness. Timely identification and treatment of injuries can prevent muscle wastage, accelerate recovery, and restore optimal health and fitness for dogs.

Clinic based services


Our clinic is located in a serene rural area, offering a range of services. Additionally, we have a beautiful lawn area for those who enjoy being outdoors, weather permitting. You can find us at 392 Limeworks Loop Road, Te Pahu, Waikato.

Mobile service


We offer the ultimate convenience by providing treatments in your home or other location of your choice, as long as it's comfortable and relaxing for your dog. For bookings outside our usual service area, we suggest considering group or event bookings.

Groups & Events


Great value, Expanded service area & Extended hours.

Whether it's a local sporting event or a group of friends, convening in a single location allows for extended travel distances while maintaining affordable service rates for all participants.

Not sure if massage is right for your dog?

I've heard there are different types of massage, which type do you do?

Canine myofunctional therapy is a traditional hands on treatment of the muscular system with each muscle treated in entirety.  Various techniques are employed during treatment, increasing circulation and relieving tension throughout thereby improving the entire anatomy and physiology of all systems.

What does massage actually do?

Massage acts directly on muscle fibres improving muscle tone and efficiency as well as improving circulation of both blood and lymph with the intake and excretion of nutrients and wastes respectively, this improves the way the body performs and can heal itself following exertion or injury.  Add to this the release of endorphins and other helpful biochemical substances and massage is a powerful therapy which can benefit dogs regardless of age, breed or lifestyle.

Is massage suitable for Puppies?

A therapeutic (relaxing) massage can be very beneficial for nervous or excited puppies.  As well as improving circulation it calms the nervous system thereby reducing anxiety.  It also adds to the incredibly important handling experience to assist in preparing them for things such as veterinary checks.  Massage can also provide the foundation for any recommendations regarding areas of imbalance, sensitivity or injury and can help set the foundation for a long, healthy and physically active life.

I have an old dog that's not very mobile, would a massage help her at all?

For the older or more sedate dogs a maintenance massage can be incredibly beneficial, stimulating blood and lymph flow that would normally occur during exercise to assist in counteracting everyday life and compounding health challenges that take their toll on the aging body.  Massage can release tight contracted muscles and alleviate discomfort which left untreated can lead to further imbalance and even muscle wastage.  It can improve and maintain the range of motion which further supports a continuing healthy active lifestyle.

My dog has been unwell lately, will a massage make him feel better?

Generally, rest is best when unwell as the body is already working hard to fight off any infection and to heal, a vet is the best qualified to discuss the appropriate treatment for your dog and if/when massage could be beneficial for them.

My dog is injured at the moment, can he still have a massage?

A recent acute injury would likely be contraindicated for massage as it may interfere with the body's healing process.  However, as the body heals massage can play an important role in restoring fitness and mobility.  Each case is unique, and a discussion is the best way to assess the appropriate way forward, give me a call today to discuss further.

Please get in touch with any additional questions or concerns you may have.

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