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Introducing our SERIOUS CLEANSING Herbal Balm⁷, a deeply nourishing and cleansing balm made with the finest organic ingredients. Calendula flowers and marshmallow root are whipped into organic coconut oil to create a potent balm for deep cleansing and healing. Calendula's antiseptic properties help prevent infection while promoting healing, making it an ideal ingredient for serious wounds. Meanwhile, marshmallow root works to draw toxins and debris out of the wound, while also moisturizing the skin to reduce scar tissue formation. This powerful combination of herbal ingredients makes our SERIOUS CLEANSING Herbal Balm⁷ an essential addition to your first aid kit for any serious cuts or wounds.


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  • Apply balm evenly onto affected area up to three times daily, may be covered with a sterile dressing to improve detoxification of the wound, dressing should be changed at least every 12 hours.

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