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Introducing our Kawakawa & Lavender balm, a luxurious natural remedy for a wide range of skin ailments. Made with Kawakawa leaves and Lavender flowers infused into organic olive oil, this balm is a powerhouse of healing properties. The combination of these ingredients, along with organic beeswax, makes it an effective topical application for rapid relief of eczema, dermatitis, stings, and mange. Kawakawa is known for its antimicrobial, insecticidal, and anti-allergy actions, while Lavender brings its soothing and calming properties to the mix. Experience the wonders of nature with our Kawakawa & Lavender balm and give your skin the revitalization it deserves.

Kawakawa & Lavender balm

PriceFrom $19.60
  • Directions: Apply balm evenly onto affected area up to three times daily.

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