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Introducing our Arnica ointment, a powerful topical application for deep muscle injuries, bruises, and sprains. Our formula contains Arnica cellular extract, soothing organic olive oil, and New Zealand’s very own organic beeswax. Arnica is renowned for its ability to provide local external healing, especially when there is pain and inflammation present. This natural remedy is one of the best options for promoting the healing of bruises and sprains. Experience the soothing and healing properties of Arnica with our carefully crafted ointment.


Note: Arnica preparations are safe to use on pets and intact skin, they should not be used on broken skin or where pets can lick the treated area.  Please refer to our other balms if the skin is broken or if the area may be licked by the pet.

Arnica ointment

PriceFrom $19.60
  • Directions: Apply balm evenly onto affected area up to three times daily. Not suitable for broken skin.

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