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Introducing our ALOE wash bars, the perfect soap/shampoo for your furry friend. Our dog-friendly wash bars are made with Aloe Vera gel in a luxurious organic base of Shea butter, Olive, Coconut, and Almond oils, ensuring a gentle and effective cleanse for even the most sensitive skin. The Aloe Vera gel contains compounds known for reducing swelling, redness, and itching, making it the ideal choice for dogs with skin sensitivities. Say goodbye to regular soap or shampoo and treat your dog to a natural and soothing wash with our ALOE wash bars. Trust in the power of nature with our naturopath-created dog wash bars.  Available in small travel size 'Paw', weighing approximately 30g or the larger Leaf weighing approximately 70g.

ALOE wash bars (Dog soap/shampoo)

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PriceFrom $3.50
  • Wet pet all over, then rub fur all over with the wash bar, massage through before rinsing well