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The commercial reality of pet food

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

The modern pet food industry is booming with a massive range of companies each producing many variations within many brands, the selection available to the modern pet owner has become vast and for some I'm sure, more than a little overwhelming.

We also have a community of pet owners, this includes vets, their nurses and technicians, who have no history of creating suitable meals for their pet's, instead relying on the advice of professionals, and the recommended commercial foods available.

So, as a pet food company, how do I get you to buy my brand out of the 100's available?

  • I enlist a professional, someone people can trust without question.

  • I align myself with the veterinary profession, funding research and development of commercial pet foods to suit the complex dietary needs of the modern pet.

  • I actively promote the 'unsafe' aspects of not using my products such as bacteria on raw foods and the dangers of an unbalanced diet and the disease it will cause.

  • I label my products with catchy emotional slogan's such as 'trusted by vets', as 'scientifically formulated', there are even 'prescription' ranges available.

  • I then get vet clinics to stock my range to ensure the right 'scientifically formulated' or 'prescription diet' is close at hand when the vet discusses the relevant current health issues with a pet owner.

When we consider our choices in regards to what we feed our pets, we must bear in mind that commercial pet food is a product and the companies which produce it are doing so to generate profitable revenue, The advertising agencies which promote it do so to maximise the revenue stream, they are not providing a service to promote the health, longevity or wellbeing of the modern pet.

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